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Goshinjutsu International

Goshinjutsu means Self Defence in japanese and this is what we are all about. No Medals, No Competition, just pure effective self defence. With us you wii find the most experinced instructors in the world. With this we dont only mean experince as instructor but also real field experience as soldiers, police, bodyguards and security officers, all put together into realistic training programs. If you want the best wheter you are a priviate person or need training for your proffesional life, you just came to the right place. The base for Goshinjutsu International's thinking is that every form of life is worth defending. Nature, Environment, Sea, Lakes, Rivers and Animals. One of these lifestyles is you! You are unique and have all right to defend yourself against anything that may threaten or harm your physical or mental health! Your dear ones, your own and others' property. There is a number of questions to ask your self about Self Defence! What is Self Defence and what is Self Defence for me? Who or what is it that I have to defend my self against? How can I defend my self? In our seminars and training studios we will answer this question for you! Goshinjutsu International works with the concept of "4A", a concept that works for everyone in society regardless of gender and age, something everyone can learn!
A= Awearness. Awareness, Information, Education, Knowledge, Environment / Location, Surroundings, Risks
A= Adaptation. Environment / Location, Tools / Weapons
A= Attitude. Attitude, Mind Set, Self-awareness, Stress Management, Focus
A=Action. Acting instead of reacting, Act hard and firmly, Prevention

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